Bricks Academy



In my Bricks Academy workshops I get to learn about technology with robotics and have fun.
Wills Buzzini, student, age 9

My grandchildren think Bricks Academy workshops are awesome. They love attending the workshops and do not want to miss a single session. They are so excited when they get to go. This is an amazingly creative experience for them.
Phyllis Browning, grandparent

Bricks Academy workshops are engaging, rewarding, and fun. Plus, they are educational.
Jenny Schnoebelen, parent

My Bricks Academy birthday party was the coolest. A month later, my classmates who attended my party are still talking about what a blast they had!
Frederick Labatt, age 7

Our two boys love coming to Bricks Academy. They talk about it all week long, and we love the opportunity they get to expand their knowledge and explore their imagination - all in a safe and encouraging environment.
Laurie and Sheldon Fitch, parents

Bricks Academy is such a fun experience for children – boys and girls! And while they are having fun, they are learning so much about planning, spacing, math, patience and perseverance – all such important life skills!
Karen Lee Zachry, parent

I was a LEGO maniac and it certainly had an effect on what I am doing now.
Tobin Smith, architect

I have always loved LEGOS, ever since I was a little girl. In trying to be like my big brother, I was drawn towards “boy toys.” However, as a mother of girls, I tend to put more emphasis on things like reading and writing and less emphasis on math and science. The gender bias is ingrained in all of us. From everything I have read recently, this is a huge mistake. Traditional boy toys tend to be geared towards developing math and science while traditional girl toys tend to focus on creativity and expressionism. YOUR GIRLS NEED BOTH! LEGOS are not just for boys anymore. My good friends, Jim and Beth O’Brien, have started a new business, Bricks Academy. They have designed "girls only" LEGO bricks workshops that focus on the development of science, technology, engineering, and math concepts in a fun environment. It is perfect for our little princesses.
Elizabeth Boddy, parent

Bricks Academy's fun atmosphere and friendly teaching style has made learning fun and fast for our daughter. We have noticed improvement in math and spatial skills as well as simple engineering. Additionally, this system helps teach responsibility and sharing, which leads to improved social abilities. All in all - a great program. Highly recommended.
Ansley E. Johnston, dad

Bricks Academy has been an outstanding addition to the St. David’s School offerings! Creativity, problem solving, higher-level thinking - this program has it all in a format that all kids love- playing with LEGOS! Small class size, excellent instructors, and lots of fun equals a program your child will enjoy and benefit from!
Ashley Miles, Head of School, St. David's Episcopal School.